Vancouver Hand Car Wash and Auto Detailing

1. Hand Wash — $34 (No Appointment Necessary)

M and J Hand Car Wash and Auto Detailing happy staffM & J Car Wash offers a classic Vancouver hand wash for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. We offer a hand wash because we understand the care and importance of your vehicle. From our hand wash approach we are able to clean every inch, even the most difficult of places. We provide excellent, quick service as our team of cleaning professionals use quality cleaning products to ensure your vehicle maintains its best look.

Open Mon to Sat 8:30 – 5
Sunday 8:30 – 4
Lunch break 12:30 – 1

Dear Customer,   PLEASE READ THIS!

  1. Please understand we cannot be responsible for damage to items left in your vehicle, or loss of items left in your vehicle, while it’s being washed or detailed.
  2. Please check your vehicle before bringing it to our car wash or detailing services, and remove any personal items.
  3. Also, if you feel your vehicle was damaged during washing or detailing you must bring it to our attention before you leave our lot.

Thanks very much for your continued patronage,
Andrew Tinhla

These services included in our Hand Wash:

mj_vacuumInterior Wash and Vacuum
Have your interior look its finest with a careful hand wash and vacuum.
mj_exterior_handExterior Wash
Our hand wash makes your car look great – even those hard to reach spots that automated car washes can’t reach.

Kids, Don’t Do This At Home 🙂

Washing your vehicle at home is one of the most environmentally un-friendly activities you can do. When cleaning your vehicle at home the run-off water and chemicals drain into storm drains which lead to creeks, rivers, wetlands and the ocean – poisoning aquatic life and the ecosystem.

When you take your vehicle to our professional car wash the run-off water and cleaning chemicals are filtered and treated before being released into the environment.

What Customers Say…

Vancouver Hand Car Wash | Classic Car Wash Vancouver | Floormat VacuumI had a car washed today (not mine, but a person whom I was working for) at your outlet.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and fun the workers were. It was a pleasure to be there.

The nicest man was the gentleman at the end who was drying the car – a Latin male – what a thoughtful and lovely man.  He was so polite, so helpful, interested in what I was saying, and just a generally enjoyable person.  I did not get his name, but he alone would get me to come back with my own car.

Thanks a lot, Sandi Nielsen

2. Auto Detailing — $300 and up (Click here to make an Auto Detailing appointment)

The following services are available in our Auto Detailing Packages:

mj_vacuumInterior Detailing Wash and Vacuum
Have your interior look its finest with a carefully detailed wash and vacuuming.
clean_leatherLeather Cleaning
We clean and condition your leather to keep it looking its best and protect it against water stains.
mj_exterior_handExterior Detailing Wash
Our Detailed exterior wash makes your car look great. We even clean those hard to reach spots that automated car washes can’t reach.
mj_clay_barClay Bar Treatment
Our Clay Bar Treatment improves the look and smoothness of the exterior, and pulls out impurities from the paint.
mj_rainxRain X
Using Rain-X will help increase the surface protection of your windshield and repel water for safer driving in poor weather.
mj_clean_engineEngine Degrease
When we degrease the engine it prevents corrosion from occurring, makes maintenance easier, it’s easier to spot leaks and damage – and it looks great!