Man Versus Machine: Which is Better at Car Washing?

hand car wash

Movies like Terminator and Robocop may be science fiction, but in our increasingly technological world, they often open up the debate on whether machine is better than man or vice versa. When it comes to car washing, which fares better? According to Vancouver hand car wash companies, it depends on the factors you consider most important when it comes to car care.

The Time Factor

For many people, especially those with busy schedules, free time to wash their cars is a luxury that they simply don’t have. This is why they prefer speed as well as convenience when it comes to keeping their automobiles clean. An automatic car wash will only take around 5 to 10 minutes, while hand washing your car would take about an hour or more, depending on what level of service you choose.  

The Money Factor

For some, saving money is their main goal. Others don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience and the time they save by not having to do it themselves.  We offer a variety of price points and services, including basic wash, extra wash, plus wash and super wash. This allows you to choose the price point and service package that best suits your individual needs.

The Attachment Factor

Some car owners are so attached to their vehicles that they refuse to let someone else or an automatic car machine touch them. In fact, this attachment can often border on obsessive compulsiveness when cleaning, preferring the old-fashioned way of washing by hand. Men in particular can be very keen on keeping their cars looking shiny and new. Even a tiny scratch can drive them crazy. By having their cars hand washed, they can be assured that there would be no scratching or other minor damages that may occur when going through an automatic car wash.

The Shine Factor

A lot of automatic car washes use air drying. Sometimes they dry with the use of a towel. Either method has a tendency to leave behind extensive water spots. The latter may cause exterior scratching. Washing by hand will allow you to take cleaning further.

During hand washing, a series of procedures help in the restoration of luster, especially if your vehicle has a damaged finish.  The first is claying and polishing, followed by waxing. It sounds a little tedious ,but these do help in the removal of embedded contaminants and make your car’s exterior shiny again.

People are still divided when it comes to automatic or manual car washing. But just because something is automated doesn’t always mean it is better. Sometimes, it takes a little old-fashioned TLC to make your car looking and running like new.

If you would like a professional opinion or help caring for your car, browse our services and give us a call today. We’ll be glad to help!