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Man Versus Machine: Which is Better at Car Washing?

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Movies like Terminator and Robocop may be science fiction, but in our increasingly technological world, they often open up the debate on whether machine is better than man or vice versa. When it comes to car washing, which fares better? According to Vancouver hand car wash companies, it depends on the factors you consider most important when it comes to car care.

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Benefits of Bringing your Car to a Professional Car Wash

Professional hand car washes are the optimal way to wash any car.If your car is covered in dirt and grime, your first instinct may be to just give it a rinse in the driveway. But don’t pick up that hose so quickly. Instead of just giving your car a quick spritz, you should bring it in for a classic hand car wash, right here in Vancouver. Here are some of the reasons that your car will thank you for bringing it to us.

3 Reasons to Use Professional Car Wash Services

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